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Nom ICOVR Park
Date de débutaoût 24, 2019
Date de finavril 17, 2020
A pris fin
depuis 8 Mois

Not everyone can afford to travel the world and visit the legendary treasuries of world-wide art: the Louvre, the Uffizi, the Tretyakov Gallery and others. The reasons can be different: from health to financial problems. But all this can be solved with the help of VR.💻📲 #VRPark

The Virtual Reality Park Limited is working on creating a whole VR-park, which will combine all the most interesting directions of virtual technologies development.📰Clearly, there is a place for VR museums too. 💻📲 #VRtechnology

Today live exhibitions surprise no one. They are interesting, but familiar, even the avant-garde is no longer impressive. And people constantly want something new, and in this case, the special VR museums have become a response to their desires.💻📲 #VRtechnology

Classic in a new wrapper.👇
The galleries of modern art are the first to pick up tech innovations. But even the old conservative museums want to keep up with the times, actively introducing technologies of virtual and augmented reality.💻📲 #VRtechnology

Modern exhibitions and VR are the best way to take in the arts.
Virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) make the world more interesting, more saturated and more accessible.💻📲 #VRtechnology

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Prix1.0000 USDVente3,900,000Mode de paiementETH
investissement minimum0.2 ETHDistributionN/ARécoltéN/A
Soft Cap2,200,000 USD Hard Cap64,500,000 USD