Mindsync (MAI) ICO: détails & information financière

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Nom ICOMindsync
Date de débutmars 01, 2019
Date de finnovembre 01, 2020
A pris fin
depuis 6 Mois
Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
Data Scientist & Head of Competitions

MAI token is now fully integrated with Metamask. The Mindsync pull request has been approved and merged with the Metamask master branch by the Metamask team.

Did you know that the beer you enjoyed today might have been brewed by Artificial Intelligence? Don’t believe us? Read on to understand how. https://mindsync.page.link/uxPQ

Can you imagine what we would be missing out on if AI hadn’t been in our lives? Check this article out to see if you had these things in mind and if you think that AI really is important:

Active imagination is one of the reasons why businesses excel and innovate — and ensure they do not get left behind. If you infuse that with the power of artificial intelligence, these great ideas come to life and become the reality faster.

Researchers from around the world are looking into how Artificial Intelligence can save Earth from an agricultural doomsday. They believe that AI will provide an efficient alternative to organic pollination. Read more: https://mindsync.page.link/Bbgg

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Prix0.1400 USD Vente500,000,000 Mode de paiementETH, BTC, LTC
investissement minimum100 USD Distribution50% RécoltéN/A
Soft Cap4,200,000 USD Hard Cap70,000,000 USD